This award celebrates books that support the emotional, physical and developmental needs of children. The winning entry will excel in giving young people the tools and confidence to take an active and informed role in their own wellbeing. 



  • Suitability: Explores subjects, themes and concepts that are relevant, timely and appropriate.
  • Authority: Credibility and expertise of authors/contributors; alignment with current research and guidance, 
  • Clarity and quality of copy: Written clearly and confidently, imparting information, ideas and explanations accurately, simply and succinctly in language that is accessible and understandable for children
  • Design and layout: Presentation of information is engaging, accessible and clearly organised. If used, illustrations or photographs enhance the reading experience and help inform, explain and instruct.
  • Diversity and respectful representation: People and experiences are portrayed authentically and with sensitivity, without stereotyping, generalising or trivialising.
  • Positive messaging: Emphasises healthy attitudes to physical and mental wellbeing; prioritises self-care, promotes resilience and encourages empathy
  • Impact: Provides children practical information, tips and tools that will help them understand their emotions, empower them to make healthy choices and equip them to confidently cope with the challenges of growing up in the 21st century.