The Extraordinary Book that Makes You Feel Happy is for every child, with a host of projects, ideas and activities to help them to feel positive, confident, focused, calm, relaxed, inclusive and included. The activities help young children to build resilience to big, overwhelming feelings and to feel connected to themselves and to others. A project to cut out and make on every page, and a special pocket to collect them in. MAKE breathing wands, fidget spinners, art projects and more! PLAY games with your family and friends, and go on a nature scavenger hunt. TRY yoga poses and breathing exercises. Move, dance, wiggle and shake! CONNECT with a thank you card and keep a feelings journal. SAVE your projects in a special pocket at the back of the book. Take them out to create, imagine and smile again and again!

Author, Poppy O’Neill. llustrator, Caribay M. Benavides

What the Shortlist Committee Say.....


"A positive project portfolio bursting with activities to connect with every child"