This award rewards the best non-fiction book on animals and nature. The winning title will engage, inform and delight readers, elevating their awareness of the natural world and inspiring them to respect and protect it. 

Note: Books specifically on the subject of climate change and environmental issues should be entered into the STEM category.


  • Clarity and quality of copy: Written clearly and confidently, imparting information and explanations accurately, simply and succinctly in language that is appropriate for eight to 12-year-olds
  • Overall design and layout of pages: Presentation of information is engaging, accessible and clearly organised. If used, illustrations or photographs are visually appealing and help readers make sense of the subject. 
  • Quality and originality of execution e.g. style and format, storytelling, practical activities and projects, interactive elements and use of illustration to enhance the reading experience and elevate understanding.
  • Relevance and relatability: Use of real-world and/or familiar examples and experiences, and alignment with current research and understanding,
  • Respectful and authentic representation: Animals and environments are portrayed and described factually and realistically, without stereotyping, generalising or trivialising.
  • Impact: Offers a satisfying reading experience overall that promotes connection with the natural world, feeds children’s curiosity and encourages respect and care for animals and nature.