Half-vampire, half-fairy and totally lovable, little Isadora Moon has an undersea adventure in the latest book in this deservedly popular series. She goes for a birthday party sleepover with her mermaid friend, Marina. Isadora is apprehensive at first, as so many children are about sleepovers, but is soon having such a lovely time that she forgets all about being nervous. She also finds herself making friends with a mermaid called Emerald, who seems to be unhappy, and is able to work out what is upsetting her new friend and help put it right.

As ever, there’s just the right mix of the fascinatingly different and the familiar and the books continue to work their magic on newly confident readers. Added extras include fun craft activities and word games.

Author, Harriet Muncaster

What the Shortlist Committee Say...

"Undersea adventures for the deservedly popular Isadora Moon"