Ramya’s adventure begins with words of warning from her grandfather: “Beware the Sirens.” After she and her family relocate to Edinburgh, Ramya is initially thrown by the magic that’s presented to her when she inherits a mysterious book from her beloved grandfather: “Learning difficulties and magic seem equally mysterious to me.

To know that I might have both in me is too much to think about at this moment”. But it’s not long before she’s drawn into a secret world of magical beings - and family secrets - and realises that “Magic is a talent.

Something that relies on natural ability”. Teaming up with her cousin Marley (“He is quiet where I am loud, he is polite where I am brash), Ramya harnesses her magic in all its forms, and throws herself into a perilous battle to save the city.

Author, Elle McNicoll

What the Shortlist Committee Say.....

"This magical adventure rooted in real-life sees a daring dyspraxic heroine find her wings to save a city under siege"