Written by award-winning author Anita Ganeri, this book looks at the real-life dragons that live in our world today.

For centuries, dragons have captured our imaginations, guarding troves of treasure and breathing out fire. They appear in many myths and legends from around the world, some soaring through the air on scaly wings; some lurking in caves underground and some diving the depths of the seas and oceans. Our previous children’s laureate, Cressida Cowell, made dragons ever more popular with thousands of children, but how many children realise that dragons still exist today?

While there is, sadly, no such thing as a fire-breathing dragon, there are many creatures that roam our planet that are known as dragons. One of them can even fly. This book brings together the stories of ten real-life dragons, from Komodo dragons to dragon snakes, flying dragons and leafy sea dragons.

Anita expertly weaves facts with fiction, telling of myths and legends that helped explain how these creatures came upon their dragon names.

Stunning close-up photographs of each dragon let children see the real-life animal in their natural habitat, while colourful illustrations by Jianan Liu help narrate their stories.

Author,  Anita Ganeri. Illustrator Jianan Liu

What the Shortlist Committee Say...

"Meet 10 dragons alive today in this stunning book of facts with a bit of folklore for every dragon lover"