This award celebrates excellence in communicating STEM subjects. The winner will be a stand-out book that explains big ideas clearly and accessibly, sparking imaginations, encouraging critical thinking, and inspiring inquiry. 

Note: Eligible titles include works of fiction and non-fiction that focus primarily on STEM topics, including climate change and environmental issues. Books on animals, plants and nature should be entered into the Animals and Nature category.


  • Originality: Introduces readers to a STEM topic previously not explored/explained for readers of this age OR offers a new/original perspective or insights on a well-covered topic.

  • Clarity and quality of copy e.g. written clearly and confidently, imparting information and explanations accurately, simply and succinctly in language that is appropriate for eight to 12-year-olds

  • Design and layout: Presentation of information is engaging, accessible and clearly organised. If used, illustrations or photographs enhance the reading experience and help make sense of the subject.

  • Quality and originality of execution - e.g. style and format, storytelling, practical activities and projects, interactive elements and use of illustration to enhance the reading experience and elevate understanding.

  • Relevance to readers’ lives e.g. use of real-world examples and alignment with contemporary scientific knowledge, understanding and careers.

  • Impact e.g. highlights and encourages skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking; showing how STEM skills foster new and better ways of doing things and empowering children to make informed decisions and actions

  • Diversity and respectful representation: People and experiences are portrayed authentically and with sensitivity, without stereotyping, generalising or trivialising.

  • Offers a satisfying reading experience overall: A standout book that will be enjoyed by children, feeding their curiosity and prompting them to share their newfound knowledge.

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