Showing we should never make prejudiced assumptions about what people are capable of, Victoria Williamson’s War of the Wind is a page-turning, inclusive eco-thriller for our times. 

Readers will truly empathise with the authentic, honest portrayal of the struggles and conflicts Max faces when an accident on his dad’s boat leaves him deaf. He’s embarrassed at being lumped in with other special needs kids, and ashamed of feeling embarrassed. He’s jealous of his baby sister, and hurt his dad doesn’t try to communicate with him. And, though he misses hanging out with his old friends, Max is increasingly horrified by the way they bully other kids in his special needs class.

Amidst this internal maelstrom, an external storm is brewing in the form of the wind farm that’s just been installed on his small Scottish island. While Max had been looking forward to the internet access that was supposed to come in its wake, he and his new friends make a terrifying discovery — “the turbines had come and now there was a whole beach strewn with dead bats, and a platoon of soldiers with guns occupying the power station.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When Max and his mates figure out that the lethargy and violent outbursts in his community are down to Doctor Ashwood’s sinister experiments, it falls to them to form an army to fight back.

Author, Victoria Williamson

What the Shortlist Committee Say...

"A powerful eco-adventure driven by four teenagers who have additional support needs"