The second instalment in a STEM-sational series which inspires a love of STEM learning through a unique blend of adventure stories and interactive hands-on learning, expertly designed to develop children’s STEM skills. Children develop over 12 STEM skills including coding, sequencing and algorithms as they complete each 'quest' embedded within the story. The book is carefully designed with cross-curricular learning opportunities, linking with the computing, maths and science national curriculum.

When Bea’s robot B-bot malfunctions after installing new dance software the three friends put their heads together and journey to Questland as the SUPERQUESTERS to find a solution to their computer science problem. Upon arrival, the trio discover that the evil Lord Grumble is wreaking havoc throughout the land with his new Memory Machine, stealing memories from everyone, including the Queen of Questland. Adventure and excitement await as the friends work together to crack this latest case, in order to defeat Lord Grumble and restore normality to Questland.

The SuperQuesters learn about robotics, coding and computing memory. Their adventure in Questland helps them to discover
that the new dance software installation caused B-bot to malfunction as he needed more computing memory.


Author: Lisa Moss

Author: Dr Thomas Bernard 

Illustrated by Amy Wilcox

What the Shortlist Committee Say...

"Each quest cleverly covers an aspect of STEM, coding, problem solving, sorting, spatial awareness and other thinking skills."