Children’s Book Cover of the Year

This award is given to the cover that you, the readers deem to be the most creative, eye-catching and appealing!


 Help decide the winner of  the Children’s Book Cover of the Year

Animal Tales from India: Ten Stories from the Panchatantra

Nikita Gill and Chaaya Prabhat;

Cover Design; Manda Scott

Nosy Crow

Boy Underground

Isabelle Marinov and Paula Zorite

Sweet Cherry Publishing

Bite Risk

S.J. Wills and Jose Real Art

Simon & Schuster


Christopher Mackie, cover design Leah McDowell, illustrations Hoang Giang

Floris Books

Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers

Colm Field, cover design Rose Gerrard, illustrations David Wilkerson

Bloomsbury Children's Books

My Name is Sunshine Simpson

G.M. Linton and Fuuji Takashi


The Kingdom Over the Sea

Zohra Nabi and Tom Clohosy Cole

Simon & Schuster