This award recognises the best book of poetry for young people. The winning title will boast excellence in craft and creativity, demonstrating the power of poems to spark imagination, arouse emotions and explore ideas.

Note: Anthologies are eligible.


  • Creativity and originality e.g. of subject, style, perspective, themes and ideas

  • Craft: Skilful use of language, imagery, rhythm, poetic form and structure

  • Relevance Vocabulary, themes and content that will be understood by children

  • Diversity and respectful representation: People and experiences are portrayed authentically and with sensitivity, without stereotyping, generalising or trivialising.

  • Curation: Collections and anthologies are carefully curated for cohesion and common themes.

  • Design and layout: Clear, well organised and accessible copy. If used, illustrations or photographs that enhance the reading experience

  • Impact: e.g. arousing emotions, introducing new concepts, exploring or challenging ideas, contributing to understanding

  • Engagement: Offering a positive and pleasurable reading experience overall; encouraging enjoyment and appreciation of poetry.