This is a dark and magical story about two children who find a mythical creature – a Tyger – in a rubbish dump in London - set in the near future of the 21st Century.  An altered, dark London, where the Tyger is in danger and our protagonists Adam and Zadie are driven to save the Tyger, and in the process save London too. 

This is a book that looks at spirituality, and ideas of community, whilst the Tyger teaches Adam and Zadie about the sheer wonder of the universe, of nature and about interpersonal relationships.  The Tyger helps the children find all their hidden skills and courage and release it all to fight against the awfulness in their world. It is unique book full of adventure, joy and hope in this thrilling read. 

It is written in a careful, almost distilled down text that fills the reader with hope. Complemented by wonderful black and white illustrations from Dave McKean this will become a classic in the same way as the author’s Varjak Paw has – and be taught in many classrooms. 

Author, SF Said. Illustrator, Dave McKean

What the Shortlist Committee Say...

"A modern masterpiece set an alternative world about two children and a huge mythical Tyger"